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Also known as Jeff or as "nekohayo" (my IRC nickname), my name is Jean-François. I'm currently located in Montreal, Canada, so my timezone is UTC -5 (or UTC -4 in the summer when DST is on).

I am a long time contributor to the project. As a matter of fact, I've been involved in one way or another since January 2005 (merely months after the project was started as Edward's thesis at Epitech).

I have been heavily involved since January 2009. See also my personal website. I blog on Planet Pitivi and Planet GNOME.

Involvement in the project

  • User interface design. Lots of it. I like to think I'm a usability/interaction architect.
  • Testing. I'm always running the git version of Pitivi, it's highly addictive.
  • Bug triaging: I keep the bug tracker highly organized and manage users so that the developers can concentrate on code.
  • I am the website (and wiki) maintainer
  • Presentations/talks
  • Films, some of which are showcased on Pitivi's website.
  • Help new contributors get familiar with Pitivi
  • Wrote the user manual
  • Fix some bugs or new features as time allows