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We have two sets of tests: the normal unit tests (make check) and the integration tests using GstValidate.

Since version 0.91, our backend test suite is much smaller and simpler; since most of the core functionality is now handled by GES, you need to run GES's test suite instead if you want to test more thoroughly.

Unit tests

You can then run the unit tests with:

cd tests
make check

If you want to run only one particular unit test you can use for example:

nosetests3 tests/test_project.py:TestProjectManager.testLoadProjectFailedUnknownFormat -v

Writing unit tests

As mock library we use Mock, as it's now integrated into Python3 which we use as of 0.94.

Integration tests with GstValidate

The integration tests are located in the tests/validate-tests directory.

You can run the integration tests with:

cd tests/validate-tests

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