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This is intended to be a general overview of the biggest features/improvements we are working on at the moment.

What keeps us busy in general?

High-level roadmap

Any time estimates here are mostly wild guesses. Do not treat them as hard deadlines. This aims mostly at giving an idea of how milestones follow each other.

See Current events for past items.

Major features (in no particular order)

Wayland port

  • Status: not started
  • We need to replace our use of Clutter by GSK/GTK eventually, and to ensure Pitivi works properly on Wayland.

Remake the clip geometric transformation tool

  • The transformation box reimplementation is ongoing (see bug 708495).

A better title editor

  • Status: started, needs polish (help wanted).
  • The current title editor UI is very simple. Please join us to make it work up to your expectations! See the existing title editor bugs.


  • Status: mostly done, needs polish, bugfixing, optimization
  • You can apply effects and set properties, and animate properties over time with keyframes.
  • We need to create custom ("hand-made") interfaces for some effects so that they can be easier to use

Advanced layer management

Multi-camera editing workflow

  • Status: not started (help wanted)

Motion ramping/time stretching

  • Status: not started (help wanted)
  • See bug 593828


  • Status: not started (help wanted)
  • Digital asset management is the ability to manage huge amounts of media (video clips, sounds, images, etc.). This feature is very much needed for professional editing; it allows handling multiple simultaneous camera angles, multiple takes of the same scene, multiple sound sources, etc.
  • Potentially being addressed by the Novacut team with dmedia

Proxy editing

Hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding

  • Status: not started
  • Since GStreamer 1.2, the basic infrastructure allowing us to cleanly take advantage of the video decoding capabilities of modern graphic cards is there. We need to ensure that our planned usecases are properly supported with the most common graphic drivers (through VA-API) and to make the integration work in Pitivi.
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