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Some general principles

The authors of Pitivi/GNonLin have been part of the GStreamer core developer community for many years and make sure any issues are solved as quickly as possible in the lower levels in order to avoid any bloated feature at the application level.

Pitivi's Architecture is meant to be uncompromising:

What is this page about?

This is intended to be a general overview of the biggest features/improvements we are working on at the moment.

This page is proof that, in the long term, we not only aim for Pitivi to be an intuitive video editor for everyone, but also a powerful tool for professionals and prosumers. We are not a Windows Movie Maker clone. See below for more information.

Professional? Isn't this supposed to be easy to use?

Yes, and yes.

With Pitivi's growing popularity and simple user interface, there seems to have been a misunderstanding in its mission: many people think our main goal is to make an application for "video editing newbies", or to make a "clone" of Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. This is not entirely accurate. We have the following goals:

The confusion also stems from the common misconception that a powerful application is mutually incompatible with simplicity and efficiency. This is partly because there are so many applications with poorly designed user interfaces, and partly because the proprietary software world has conditioned us into thinking that users must be divided in two groups: "advanced" and "beginners". There is no reason a video editor can't allow complex procedures (and make them as easy as possible!) while being intuitive to learn and efficient to use for basic operations, even for amateurs. The reason why there has been such a distinction in the proprietary software world is artificial market segmentation (further reading: 1 2 3).

Executive summary:

What keeps us busy in general?

Major features

Titling support


Advanced layer management

Multi-camera editing workflow

Motion ramping/time stretching

Fixing AVCHD/MPEG-TS support


Proxy editing

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