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This page lists some of the positive comments/praise we have received.


In the Media

"Pitivi es uno de los mejores editores de vídeo para Linux que he se puede encontrar en la actualidad. La interfaz es sencilla y agradable a la vista, no hay complicaciones de ningún tipo… una de esas perlas de software que no se ven a menudo y que conviene tener siempre a mano." (translated: "One of the best video editors for Linux that I can find today. The interface is simple and pleasing to the eye, no complications... a rare gem that you don't see often in the software world, and something you should have on hand."

UpToDown, September 11, 2012

"It is a testimony to Pitivi's stability that the only problems I found with it were minor. (...) Obviously the big plus is the vast assortment of effects available, and how easy they are to configure and use. But the collective effect of the UI improvements (settings presets, detachable tabs) and other enhancements (fully adjustable frame rates, media previews) make for a better editing experience as well.", July 6th, 2011

"What impresses me about Pitivi isn't so much that it's a flexible multimedia editor — we have a handful of those already in the Linux community. What I think sets Pitivi apart is that it makes video editing intuitive. I don't generally create or edit video files, but I was able to jump right in with this application. I didn't have any need for a manual or tutorial (...). Pitivi has an interface which allows people to learn by doing without a bunch of scary options or jargon. Almost everything is drag-n-drop with this editor and I feel it lowers the bar for people interested in putting together their own videos."

DistroWatch, October 25th, 2010

"(...) I have to say the work Thibault and the Pitivi guys have done is incredible. Truly. (...) The wide selection of effects and the ease in which they can be added/used is so simple and user-intuitive it can’t help but stoke your creative fire. (...) The process for editing/adjusting clip effects in Pitivi certainly scores one up here. Where OpenShot hides effect preferences behind right-clicks and extra windows Pitivi puts them slapbang where you can see and access them equalling a usability plus. All of this is done in real-time, too: As soon as you drag an effect on a clip it’s instantly applied. This makes workflow irrepressibly speedy; you can see what works and what doesn’t straight away. (...) I am utterly, utterly astounded by the quality, handling & fantastic interface this has gained in such a short amount of time. It is a absolute credit to the talents of the team behind this – and it’s not even released yet!"

OMG! Ubuntu! on the inclusion of special effects in September 2010

"Overall, Pitivi is a promising application. It's a decent video editor with no frills, and intuitive to pick up. And in the tests I ran, Pitivi was rock-solid. This isn't something to be taken for granted. Years ago I spent time editing video with Kino for various projects, and learned to save after nearly every edit or operation."

ars technica, February 1st, 2010

Other mentions in the media

See also the Current events page for more links to articles about Pitivi.

(...) "I have worked as video editor in my earlier life (before I became software programmer), and used Final Cut Pro. I have always been a Linux user though, and have meddled with everything that exist every single year. Cinelerra was always the fall-back that would never really let me down because it was frank about its crashers and they were possible to navigate around. In later years, I did find Pitivi to be a possible replacement for simple out-to-blog cuts. Especially the version before they added filters. Sadly, the filters-version exposed lots of bugs in the underlying stack and everything became dog-slow and probably quite unstable. I just stuck with that old (now very old) version. However, the new GES-backed 0.9-line that is aiming at becoming 1.0 is something totally different. It is really shaping up to becoming a quite awesome little video editor and I will be donating happily." (...)

Odin Hørthe Omdal on the 2014 fundraiser coverage article on OMG! Ubuntu!, February 24, 2014

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