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This page is intended as a list of features that we wish to see implemented in Pitivi, but are not currently claimed by the main developers (because they are too busy with other core issues). If you have been wanting to contribute to the Pitivi project but don't know what to contribute (in terms of code), this page is where you can tackle fun projects to get started.

Projects on this page are usually:

  • Things that can be done with little or average knowledge
  • Features, rather than bugs (because features are fun and rewarding to implement!)
  • Things that are satisfying to accomplish and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Note that the fact that someone is already working on it does not mean it is exclusive. You can team up and improve Pitivi even faster! Naturally, you can request help/mentorship from other developers. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

In order to be easily searchable and so that they show up on openhatch.org, Pitivi love bugs should be tagged with the Pitivi Love tag. Some of the Pitivi Love bugs do not appear on this wiki page. Implemented features/bugs are periodically removed from this page to keep it clean.

Adopt one of them today!

For more information on how to get started, see the Main Page for various helpful links.

To claim one, send an email to the mailing list, edit this page, or ask nekohayo on IRC.

Difficulty Nickname Description Links Assigned to?
1/5 UI test suite improvements Feel like improving the quality of Pitivi but not comfortable enough to jump into the "real" code? Then you could work on expanding our Test suite! There's always room for improvement and more comprehensive testing, so think about corner cases/reproducible bugs that you'd like to see systematically tested, and write some test cases for them! Test suite Everybody!
1/5 Make ripple and roll edits more discoverable during trimming T2924
1/5 Render selection Ability to render only selected clips / a portion of the timeline T2718
3/5 Chroma keying (greenscreen) Implement a custom/special user interface for the "alpha" gstreamer element. T2678
3/5 Finish Advanced layers metadata in GES and connect it to the interface Implement a full-fledged tracks/layers interface that allows much more flexibility for editing T2642
2/5 Proxy editing Being able to semi-automatically swap out clips with low-res versions for easy editing T2455
1/5 Markers and regions Being able to add visual markers onto the timeline T2451
3/5 Multi-image element Allow importing a sequence of images as if they were animated frames of a clip (using multifilesrc) T1832 cfoch
1/5 Jog/shuttle interface Redo the jog/shuttle control widgets and playback backend into Pitivi. See T2030 and 2008 Jog and Shuttle controls code experiment (for historical purposes)
 ? Audio normalization T2350
3/5 Advanced sources list Provide more features for the source lists user interface (tagging, sorting, etc.) T2248 - tagging interface (will require C knowledge to implement it in GES)
4/5 Motion ramping/time stretching T2344 Sjors
1/5 Peak meter Implement a sound peak meter T2307
1/5 Improve the filechooserpreview zoom The file chooser for importing clips now allows previewing files, but it needs some improvements for zooming/resizing the previewer T2796
 ? Subtitle support Ability to create soft subtitles to be embedded in the container file T2006
2/5 Mass storage media import An interface for grabbing the videos (and maybe photos) from a memory card, USB disk, DVD disc, or any kind of generic storage. Offer the option to delete after import.
3/5 Better dialog for missing media T2176
5/5 Collaborative editing With Telepathy and perhaps DMedia

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