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To edit pages in this wiki, you will need a user account. Don't worry, it's very easy: simply ask nekohayo on IRC (or email him directly). Please include a short (1-2 lines) summary of what you'd like to edit in the wiki so that we know you're not a spammer :)

Note: this wiki can be accessed both through http://wiki.pitivi.org and https://wiki.pitivi.org. The HTTPS version uses a self-signed certificate, so you will have to add an exception for it in your browser if you want to use the HTTPS version.

Why is this policy needed?

Fighting spam and vandalism has always been a problem in our wiki, and it has been particularly tedious in 2010-2011 where a lot of spam consisted of "throwaway" user accounts made to create lonely pages.

Those pages would typically not be seen by most visitors because they were not linked from any other pages (except the RecentChanges and LonelyPages special pages), and thus would fly under the radar.

Some statistics

Before the new lockdown policy was enforced, in 2011 there were:

  • 831 registered users... but only ~10 were real/legitimate users!
  • 1156 pages... but only 108 were real content pages!

What is the policy now?

The security policy is quite simple and based on the following observations:

  • No combination of antispam techniques/features is efficient enough to keep the spammers at bay.
  • Very, very few users actually edit pages in the pitivi wiki.
  • As such, manually managing accounts is perfectly acceptable and vastly more efficient than managing spam

To enforce this:

  • Anonymous cannot edit or create pages
  • Anonymous cannot create user accounts, only admins can

Feel free to request a user account if you'd like to contribute. It takes 20 seconds of your time and we will be happy to give out accounts like candy.